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Gas Water Heater

Gas Water Heater

  • Rheem 4 Star Gas Storage Water Heater

    Rheem 4 Star Gas Storage Water Heater

    • 4 Star Energy Efficiency - uses less gas than 3 Star water heaters, to save on energy costs
    • Main pressure at multiple taps - to service multiple hot water demands at once
    • Easy replacement - common fittings with standard
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • 90L, 135L & 170L capacities
  • Rheem VE Direct Solar Water Heater

    Rheem 630/631/620/621 Gas Storage Water Heater

    • Hot surface ignition (HSI) which removes the need for a pilot light, lowers operating costs and makes Rheem more reliable. There's also a 100% flame failure control built in
    • Multi-fin flue tube technology for ultra high performance, providing greater thermal input and better thermal efficiency in less space
    • Flue damper (on the 621 275) to close off the primary flue when the burner is not operating, reducing maintenance rates by up to 60% when compared to Australian Gas Association maximum allowance
    • Electronic thermostat providing fine temperature control with digital setting display
    • Room-sealed fluing option eliminates the need for fan assistance or mechanical ventilation, and power flue terminal connections simplify wiring
    • A bank of 8x621 275 or 631 275 Rheem commercial gas water heaters can deliver 7720 litres of hot water in the first hour
  • Rheem VE Direct Solar Water Heater
  • Rheem VE Direct Solar Water Heater

    Universal Commercial Gas Water Heater

    • Space-saving tank design
    • 98,000 - 400,000 BTU/Hr
    • System Sentinelâ„¢ LED diagnostics
    • Multi-flue tank design